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Multilingual translation and interpretation

Pinchieh provides more than 400 languages translation services, grasps the latest translation trends, provides native language translation quality, one-stop service, punctual and fast delivery, our team comes from various industries, covering website translation, video subtitle translation, Paper translation, English editing, notarization translation, software program translation, annual financial report translation, ESG sustainability report translation, legal medical translation, telephone interpretation…

Document translation and agency services

Pinchieh provides domestic and foreign document translation and notarization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, office verification services, grasps the latest information, provides reasonable prices, and saves customers time. Common documents include household registration transcripts, ID cards, marriage certificates, divorce judgments, birth certificates, death certificates, graduation certificates, transcripts, military discharge orders, single certificate translation, etc.

Audio and video subtitle translation and dubbing production

Pinchieh provides video subtitle translation and dubbing post-production services. It provides one-stop services including subtitle srt file production, subtitle translation, subtitle uploading, subtitle dubbing, and video editing. It supports multi-language translation solutions to provide the best promotion and marketing channels in the era of information explosion. The dubbing languages cover Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Japanese, and French. The phonology can be selected from male and female voices, as well as calm, lively, and systematic voices…

Verbatim transcript

Pinchieh provides Chinese, Taiwanese, and English verbatim transcript services. The service area is not limited, and the documents can be delivered according to the time. Our team of auditors has rich experience, fast typing and low error rate, which can ensure the quality of transcripts, no matter what whether its file format or a variety of typesetting needs, it can be notified in advance. It can be used with punctuation marks, paragraph breaks, character marking, and time point marking. Let we save your precious time for you...

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For over 10 years, PINCHIEH has provided translation services that meet expectations for contractors with long-term cooperation from government, education and enterprise units.

No matter what language or type of documents you are providing, or if you need the assistance of on-site staff, Pinchieh will help you solve your language problems and help you get the assistance you need in time. Pinchieh translation services can be divided into three categories: multi-language translation services, notarized translation, and transcription. Translation services also include translation and notarization translation, paper translation, contract translation, website translation, subtitle translation, translation of other documents, and interpretation services.
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Pinchieh has assisted countless clients to solve various incurable diseases of document notarization agency. All kinds of document handling matters are recorded on our notarization and translation website, welcome to reference.
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Confidentiality Policy
Pinchieh Translation Group (hereinafter referred to as "the translation agency"), in order to provide more complete, diverse and convenient translation services, in addition to the relevant staff, the translation agency will do the strictest protection for any information and content you provide. It is strictly stipulated that the colleagues of the translation agency shall not provide or leak any entrusted information to unrelated third parties without authorization, and regularly destroy the closed client documents. A confidentiality agreement in Chinese or English can be signed separately with us.