Instructions on the translation process entrusted to Pinchieh translation agency

I. document inquiry [upload files for quotation]

1. Email or fax

2. Send by post/express delivery or personal delivery

II. Quotation [quick reply within one hour]

Within one hour of business hours, the salse will reply to you with the complete quotation and time of delivery, depending on the word, type, field, and difficulty of the document.

III. Confirm undertaking and remittance

After the quotation is confirmed, online transfer and remittance can be made. Please confirm by [EMAIL reply] or [LINE]. After receiving your confirmation, the Pinchieh translation agency will start the translation work.

See Pinchieh’s Payment terms

IV. Project translation

Translation will be started by the project translator and will be delivered on time.

V. Double proofreading (Optional)

After the translation is completed, it is double-proofread by senior editor and manager.

VI. On-time delivery and after-sales service

After proofreading, send it to the customer within the delivery time, and ask if there are any questions. If there are any problems, we will assist the modification.