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The fee calculation method of Pinchieh translation agency:

The factors that affect the price are the language, the difficulty of translating the content, and the amount of content.

Translation - based on Word count, based on Word count of Microsoft Word.

Interpretation - by the hour, plus the transportation fee. Accommodation is charged separately.

Notarization - based on the number of copies, the number of copies of notarization documents plus notarization fees.

Listening and typing - by the hour, based on the quality of the voice clarity, the number of speakers, delivery time to evaluate the cost of verbatim listening and typing.

Typewriting - one unit per thousand words, less than one unit per thousand words.

Language: English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, other languages translation will be more expensive, such as Russian translation, German translation, Dutch translation...and so on.

Working days:

Translators can translate between 1,500 and 2,500 words a day, depending on the speed of each translator.

If it is urgent, it will be charged for urgent.

Free quotation:

We are very happy to quote for you for free, you can send your documents to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or it is not convenient to send files, or you can fax to 02-2908-5250, and leave your contact information, we will quote you immediately.

Or directly contact 0800-500-088 or +886 920 760 016.

You can roughly estimate the price, but the word price is not the only reference data. Because we can also according to the type of document, number of words, urgency, and ease of delivery to consider, so the price may be high or low. It is better to let our sales see your document and estimate the price that will be more accurate.

Our method of payment requires a deposit of 70% and the work will begin as soon as the deposit is received.

Please pay the small amount within NT$30000 in one lump sum. If the total amount is over NT$30000, please pay a deposit of 70% first and the rest balance payment within three days after delivery.

Here is the detailed payment process of our companySuitable for domestic and foreign customers.

After the completion of the transaction, if there is any need to modify, we will help you to modify it until satisfied.

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Confidentiality Policy
Pinchieh Translation Group (hereinafter referred to as "the translation agency"), in order to provide more complete, diverse and convenient translation services, in addition to the relevant staff, the translation agency will do the strictest protection for any information and content you provide. It is strictly stipulated that the colleagues of the translation agency shall not provide or leak any entrusted information to unrelated third parties without authorization, and regularly destroy the closed client documents. A confidentiality agreement in Chinese or English can be signed separately with us.