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PINCHIEH provides the best translation quality, including professional Chinese translation, localization, software translation, document translation, and interpreting. We support the individual or many companies between international communication and commercial service, integrate many languages, foreign trade, international marketing, assist middle and small-sized enterprises to solve foreign communication problems for expanding their business. We devote ourself to enhance service quality and client’s interest.

     PINCHIEH stands for Quality and Fast services. We have a professional language team and proficient in over 30 languages. All of our translators are in over 100 countries, support international clients for translating foreign languages to Chinese, have translation experiences for several years and master in many professional fields. We also have the strictest flow, from translating, editing, proofreading, to typesetting. Example every kind of technic document translation, thesis translation, website translation, software translation, localization translation, and notarized translation.

A Leading Multilanguage Translation Company

PINCHIEH could win in the competitive market, because we have the Translation Standard of Process. We abide by exact process orders to deal with our client project, keep up every step, and record every client’s special need. We especially focus on translation quality and hand over speed.

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