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Pinchieh Translation Service Company offers translation of academic journal, periodical, and abstract. For each academic article with different subjects, we select, from our translation personnel, the most suitable translator in terms of their profession. Besides, we also have bilingual translator to proofread, edit, and polish the translated document. Aspects cover education, technology, medical, business, computing, chemical industry, physics, electronics, architecture, biochemistry, information, machinery, civil engineering, law, international trade, business management, environmental protection, etc.

 Pinchieh Translation Service Company, being the best choice of academic translation, has many professional translators to serve you with high quality translation. Our translator team has professional knowledge, national/international master’s degree or ph. D, and has vast experience in academic translation.

 Subjects are categorized in 5 types: medical pharmacy, physical engineering, economy and business management, humanistic education and social science, biotechnology.

Other than that, we provide editing and polishing service. If it is a word document, we use a built-in function in Microsoft word called ‘Track changes’ to allow you to clearly exam every change we make to the document. Also, we can format the translated documents complying to requirement by you or by the periodical.

Chinese to English/English to Chinese

  1. Standard journal translation (bilingual translator + bilingual proof reader): suitable for those who are capable of writing in professional English.
  2. Advanced journal translation (bilingual translator + English editor + bilingual proof reader): for those who do not have enough ability to write in professional English. They may rely more on professional translation service.


If you need an advanced translation service, please inform us in advance. Otherwise our quote will be based on standard translation service.

Bilingual translator:

Academic translation requires nothing but complete structure and accurate statement. It is not a simple task to translate an Chinese academic article to English. We will assign your article to a translator with relative knowledge background to conduct translation. Pinchieh Translation Service Company’s translators are vastly experienced in academic translation. Each of them has experience in working or researching in some particular profession field and has certain level of ability to write professionally in foreign language. Most importantly, they can express your journal fluently and completely in English.

English editor:

After translation, an essay will be assigned to an English editor, also known as a native English speaker, to rephrase it into native English style. Taiglish will be revised and fluency will be improved, while the original meaning will be completely preserved. The editor has to bilaterally communicate with the translator in order to wholly maintain in the same meaning as the source language.

Processing Rate:

  1. Normal priority level: 1000-1500 words per day (depending on difficulty of essay)
  2. Urgent priority level: 2500 words per day

We can adjust returning deadline to meet your requirement. Please send your documents to us so that we can make a correct offer and return deadline.

English editing service alone is also available.

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Confidentiality Policy
Pinchieh Translation Group (hereinafter referred to as "the translation agency"), in order to provide more complete, diverse and convenient translation services, in addition to the relevant staff, the translation agency will do the strictest protection for any information and content you provide. It is strictly stipulated that the colleagues of the translation agency shall not provide or leak any entrusted information to unrelated third parties without authorization, and regularly destroy the closed client documents. A confidentiality agreement in Chinese or English can be signed separately with us.