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Our Industry Expertise

l   Tech Engineering

l   IT & Software

l   Public & Government

l   Medicine & Healthcare

l   Travel & Leisure

l   Automotive

l   Finance

l   Science

l   Business & Marketing

l   Media

l   Legal/Law

l   Games

Electronics Technology / IT / Software / Semiconductor

Software / Internet

All Software / Internet work

Computer system integration services related

Computer software related


Related Multimedia

Digital content related

Video game

Other Web / software related

Telecommunications / Communications


Communication-related machinery and equipment

Other telecommunications / communications related

Computer / Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Computer / peripherals Manufacturing

Data storage / manufacturing-related media

Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Optical / optical


Optical equipment for producing

Electronic Components

Manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB)

Passive electronic component manufacturing

Other related electronic components

Semiconductor industry

IC design-related

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Other semiconductor-related

General traditional manufacturing

Food / beverage / tobacco / raw materials processing

Tobacco manufacturing / processing


Dairy Manufacturing

Food manufacturing / processing


Oil product / article of manufacture hub

Refine sugar

Seasoning Products Manufacturing

Beverage Manufacturing

Other Food Manufacturing





Rope / cable / web / mat / carpet manufacturing

Dyeing and finishing

Other textile

Footwear / Leather / of textile articles

Footwear Manufacturing

Textiles and clothing

Dresses, textile manufacturing

Apparel goods manufacturing

Other manufacturing textile products

Furniture / office equipment / installation / manufacturing process

Bamboo furniture / mounting article manufacturing / processing

Furniture / Furnishings / mounting surface coating product / process

Metal furniture / furnishings / mounting article manufacturing / processing

Non-metallic furniture / furnishings / installation products manufacturing / processing

Paper manufacturing




Rope / cable / web / mat / carpet manufacturing

Dyeing and finishing

Other textile

Printed matter related

Chemical raw materials manufacturing

Man-made fiber manufacturing

Plastic / rubber / synthetic resin

Paint / dye / pigment producing

Drug Manufacturing

Cleaning products manufacturing

Cosmetics manufacturing

Other Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical raw materials manufacturing

Man-made fiber manufacturing

Plastic / rubber / synthetic resin

Paint / dye / pigment producing

Drug Manufacturing

Cleaning products manufacturing

Cosmetics manufacturing

Other Chemical Manufacturing

Oil / coal products manufactured

Petroleum refining

Other oil / coal products manufactured

Rubber / Plastic Products Manufacturing

Rubber Products Manufacturing

Plastic products manufacturing

Non-metallic mineral products manufacturing

Ceramic products manufacturing

Related manufacturing glass products

Cement products related manufacturing

Refractory Manufacturing

Stone Products Manufacturing

Other non-metallic mineral products manufacturing

Metal-related manufacturing

iron industry

Aluminum Industry

Copper industry

Magnesium Industry

Metal forging / PM

Metal hand tool manufacturing

Metal structure / construction element manufactured

Manufacturing metal containers

Metal surface treatment / heat

Other related manufacturing metal

Machinery and equipment manufacturing repair

Zidongkongzhi related

Boiler / prime mover manufacturing repair

Agricultural / horticultural machinery repair

Metalworking repair machinery manufacturing

Special production machinery repair

Construction / mining machinery manufacturing repair

Business machines manufacturing

Pollution control equipment manufacturing repair

General Machinery Manufacturing repair

Other machinery repair

Power Machinery Manufacturing Equipment

Power equipment manufacturing machinery repair

Household appliances manufacturing

Lighting equipment manufacturing

Battery Manufacturing

Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Transportation Manufacturing

Shipbuilding / repair related parts manufacturing

Rail vehicle / repair related parts manufacturing

Automotive / Parts Manufacturing

Motorcycle / Parts Manufacturing

Bicycle / Components

Aircraft / repair parts manufacturing

Other transportation / repair Components

Precision Instruments / medical equipment

Precision instruments related manufacturing

Medical equipment manufacturing


Recreation Products Manufacturing

Stationery related gifts


Recreation-related supplies

Other related manufacturing

Mining / Energy debris taken

Exploitation of energy resources

Oil / gas / geothermal mineral

Coal Mining

Take earth and rock resources

Land quarrying

Hohai take gravel

Other quarrying

Other mineral resources

Metal ore

Non-metallic Minerals

Political / religious / social welfare

Political organization

Government / public authorities

National defense

International organizations / foreign institutions

Religion / groups / organizations

Religious organizations

Professional groups

Other organizations

Social Welfare / Association / Foundation

Social welfare institutions

Association / Foundation

Financial investment adviser / insurance-related


Credit Union

Agriculture / Fishing credit department

Investment Trust

Financial Holdings

Other Finance / Auxiliary

Financial Institutions


Credit Union

Agriculture / Fishing credit department

Investment Trust

Financial Holdings

Other Finance / Auxiliary

Finance and investment

The venture capital industry

Securities / Futures / fund

Other finance and investment-related


Life Insurance

Insurance products

Social Security

Insurance assistance

Other Insurance

Legal / Accounting / consultant / R & D / Design

legal service

legal service

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Consultant / R & D / Design

Industrial and commercial consultancy services

Testing Services

Natural science Development

Biotechnology research and development

Social / Human Sciences R & D

Specially designed related

Other professional / scientific / technical

Sales and marketing / telemarketing

Transport Logistics / Warehousing / Trade


Ocean shipping

Rail transport


Passenger car


civil aviation

General aviation industry

Other land transport services


international trade

Trade Agents

Warehousing / transport aid


Storage and distribution / transportation logistics

customs clearance

Shipping Agency

Freight Forwarders

Land transport aid

Water transport aid

Air Transport Auxiliary

Other transport aid

Post Express

Postal / courier services

Building and create / Real Estate Related

Construction / Civil Engineering

civil Engineering


Other create

Pipeline / pipework associated

Buildings renovation / air conditioning / water

Air conditioning / water Electrical Engineering

Buildings renovation / decoration

Architectural planning / design

Architectural / Engineering Services

Interior design

architectural design

Landscape Design

Stage set up / audiovisual works

real estate

Air conditioning / water Electrical Engineering

Buildings renovation / decoration

Healthcare / Huanjingweisheng




animal Hospital

Nursing home / nursing home

Inspection Department

Other healthcare-related

medical service

Huanjingweisheng / Pollution Prevention related

Environmental / health / pollution-related

Huanjingweisheng / Pollution Prevention related

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries / water resources

Agricultural products / livestock

Agronomy / horticulture related

Farming / livestock-related

Forest Farm / logging

Woodland / logging related

Fishing / Fisheries / Aquaculture

Catch / Fisheries / Aquaculture related

Water and electricity / energy supply

electricity supply

Gas fuel supply

Water supply

General services

Steam locomotive repair

Steam locomotive repair

Auto Beauty

Other services related to motor vehicles


Wedding / photography / Hair / Beauty

Hair Related

Beauty / Body Related

Wedding Services

Photographic prints Service

Credit / Security / Building tube


Building preservation associated pipe

Staffing / Human agency

Staffing / Human supplies

Human agency / Daizheng / Employment Agencies


Machinery and equipment rental / repair

Transportation equipment rental / repair

Items lease / maintenance

Other related services

Funeral Services

Pet Services

laundry service

Family / Cleaning Services

Tourism / Leisure / Sports

Sport / Travel / Leisure

Sport Services

Leisure services

Travel services

Catering / accommodation services

Accommodation Services

Hotel / Hostel

Other accommodation services

Catering Services

Restaurant / Restaurant

Beverage shop

Breakfast shop

Bakery / pastry bakery

Other food and beverage related

Mass Communication related

Film Distribution / producer

Movie 映演

the film

Film Distribution / producer

Movie 映演




Wide television program supply

Advertising / PR / broker spread

Advertising Marketing Public Relations

Artist / Modeling Agency

Convention and exhibition services

Education / Publishing / arts-related

Education Services

Preschool education

Primary education

The pro / art classes


High school education

Vocational school education

Post-secondary school education in hospital

Teshujiaoyu career

Other education services


News Publishing

Magazine / Journal Publishing

Book publishing

Audio Publishing

Other publishing

curtural innovation

Art / art performances

Cultural and creative / artistic services

Library / museum / art gallery / other agencies

Wholesale / retail / direct transfer

Wholesale Trade

Agriculture / animal / aquatic products wholesale

What goods wholesale food

Footwear / cloth / apparel products wholesale

Household electrical appliances / equipment supplies wholesale

Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic / cleaning supplies wholesale

Supplies / recreation supplies wholesale

Watches / glasses wholesale

Jewelry / precious metals wholesale

Building Materials / Furniture Wholesale

Wholesale Fuel

Mechanical appliances wholesale

Steam Locomotive / related supplies wholesale

Chemical materials / products related to wholesale

Electronic communications / computer peripherals wholesale

Medical Equipment Wholesale

General merchandise wholesale agents

Urgent sign work


Agriculture / livestock / fish retail

What food retail goods

Shoes / cloth / apparel goods retail

Household electrical appliances / equipment supplies retail

Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic / cleaning supplies retail

Supplies / recreation supplies retail

Watches / optical retail

Jewelry / precious metals Retail

Building materials / furniture retail

Fuel retailing

Machine appliance retail trade

Steam Locomotive / related supplies retail

Chemical materials / products related to retail

Department Store

Discount related to circulation

Electronic communications / computer peripherals retail

Retail Medical Equipment

Other retail trade

Biography direct correlation

Biography direct correlation

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